Published on 30-11-2017 18:00

Spanish startup Bioo wins “Connect Visions to Solutions”

In the past seven months the German-Czech Chamber of Industry and Commerce (DTIHK) has brought together large companies, cities and municipalities as well as startups in the past seven months to work together on an intelligent infrastructure. The focus of its TopTopic was above all solutions for Smart City. Startup contest "Connect Visions to Solutions" was the highlight. On 23rd November at “Winners' Night” in the Prague gallery Mánes, the jury chose the Spanish startup Bioo as the overall winner. Bioo offers a solution that uses energy from photosynthesis for digital communication. More than 80 startups from 17 countries had applied.

"We are all impressed by the large international participation and the smart digital solutions," said DTIHK President Jörg Mathew. The topics of the presented innovations range from mobility to Big Data, IoT to energy and health. The winning startup received 4.000 EUR as prize money. All finalists will also receive a two-day mentoring from experts from the partner companies Bosch, E.ON, PRE, Siemens, Škoda Auto, T-Mobile and Deloitte.

For the big companies and the startups - especially the six finalists - this contest is often the beginning of a deeper cooperation. "And that is also the goal - the Czech Republic and Germany should play in the first league in terms of digitalization," said DTIHK Managing Director Bernard Bauer.

The Winners' Night was also the highlight of DTIHK's TopTopic "Intelligent Infrastructure". An important result of the intensive exchange between the partner companies and municipalities in the Czech Republic is the web site, which was developed together with the innovation agency 2Fresh and the startup D21. Here, the municipalities receive useful hints how they can conceptually prepare themselves for the change to a smart city.

A survey conducted by the DTIHK in September showed that most of the Czech cities and municipalities (64%) lack a "smart" strategy so far. At the same time, Smart City is currently a relevant topic for 7 out of 10 cities and municipalities (73%).

All finalists

Bioo (Spain) Renewable energy, nominated by E.on, founded 2015 Pablo Vidarte & Javier Rodriguez

The centerpiece of the Winners' Night was Bioo, a clean-tech startup based in Barcelona. Bioo has been producing electricity from plant photosynthesis and using it for a range of gadgets. For example, Bioo has developed plant pots that serve as smart phone charging stations or wifi distributors. This technology does not damage the plant and only uses the excess energy of photosynthesis. Bioo's goal is to provide a new solution to current and future environmental and energy issues through the use of plants and green spaces.

The jury selected Bioo as overall winner of the contest. The judges were experts from the partner companies Bosch, E.on, PRE, Siemens, Škoda Auto, T-Mobile, Deloitte and the DTIHK. In a live vote, Bioo also convinced the audience as its favorite. The energy company E.on has nominated Bioo to the contest final. In the future could E.on offer its customers a new, environmentally friendly and sustainable energy use through this innovative technology.

4dot (Czech Republic) Industry 4.0, nominated by Bosch, founded 2014 by Jan Otoupalík

IP Fabric (Czech Republic) Industry 4.0, nominated by PRE, founded 215 by Pavel Bykov, Roman Aprias & Miroslav Hybl

RCE Systems (Czech Republic) Industry 4.0, nominated by Siemens, founded 2013 by Aleš Marvan & David Herman

eCarUp (Switzerland) e-mobility, nominated by Škoda Auto, founded 2017 David Eberli, Stefan Fischer & Fabian Trinkler

MEDICAL MONITOR s.r.o. Telemedicine, nominated by T-Mobile, founded 2014 by Equity Medical CZ, a.s.